We are here
for you!

Our company, founded in 1980 by Mr. Willy De Mot and registered with the Institute on May 7th, 1987, guarantees that any tasks set shall be carried out with an utmost care.

We observe strict deontology, two of our obligations being lifelong learning and professional secret.

We have time to listen to you, since, apart from the long working hours (from 8 h do 19 h on weekdays, except Friday – until 13h), our objective is to help you and free you from all burdens of accounting, taxation, social and juridical nature.

Thanks to our modern communication analysis (e-mail, scanner, online accountancy, etc.), we guarantee good management of your property and its flourishing.

Our payment is calculated under contractual terms or based on a tariff. You keep the control on the prices, our remuneration is to be calculated by mutual consent.

We aim at justifying your trust in us through providing quality services and assistance, directly or accessible through mail or phone.

The title Expert-Accountant is secured by law as of February 21st, 1985, in connection with the revision reform of the companies. The new law of April 22nd, 1999, regarding the accountancy and tax professions, reinstates the provisions regarding the 1985 law and provides for the title of Tax Advisor.

Besides the physical and juridical entities, who are members to the Institute, no other person can be awarded the title Expert-Accountant or Tax Advisor. It is also not allowed to use a term that might lead to confusion with the said titles (Articles 16, 17 and 18 of the Law of April 22nd, 1999)